26 February 2012

Fear is the mind-killer

What it all came down to was fear. She was so dreadfully afraid. The fear pressed itself against her chest, a hot, heavy weight that crushed her, making it impossible to breathe. It wrapped itself around her fluttering heart, infecting it, poisoning her blood as it wended its way through her limbs, causing them to tremble and weaken. Slowly it reached her brain, infecting her mind and paralyzing her thoughts. As the poison seeped inside, coating her brain like an oil spill, all hope seemed lost.

The fear made it impossible to distinguish truth from lies, and it made her completely vulnerable. It stripped her of her defenses and laid her bare to the lies that were constantly whispering, whispering, whispering in the back of her mind. Fear disabled the filter she developed to silence those voices, ghosts of the past, and the whispering became an unbearable roar, screaming in her mind, drowning out the clear soft voice of reason in the deafening crescendo...