11 January 2011


‘I love you – have always loved
you,’ he whispered softly into my
ear, his breath against my neck
hot and sticky, like his words, while unseen
hands like razors clawed at me,
caught at my clothes, severing
seams and slicing through layers
of fabric to slide smoothly into
my skin.  ‘I love you – can’t you see?’ he
asked as fingers curled around cut and
bloody flesh to tear strips of me
from me.  He stripped me bare, cut away
all that protected me, and took what he
saw and shattered it with vitriol.
‘This thing we have is good, so good,’
he chanted while my blood ran down
his clutching claws, pooling and
clotting in the divots in my rent
flesh.  ‘So good,’ he panted as he sucked
my essence out through my mouth, opened
in a silent scream; ‘So good,’ he breathed
as I curled in on myself, trying just
to disappear; ‘So good,’ he moaned as I lay
limp and lifeless.  He did not see the husk
he left behind, but keeps returning to it
and sees only the vibrant thing it once
was – the thing destroyed by his love.
And he wonders, How can I still not
love him back?


The price of broken promises

‘I love you – have always loved
          you,’ he said, whispering, whispering
     into the soft pink shell of my ear.
But as the words touched the delicate drum
               they shattered into a thousand tiny
          fragments of glass and tickled and cut
     at the soft flesh against which they rubbed.
So I tilted my head, questioningly
               at him.  And as my head tilted
         broken promises came tumbling
     out of my ear, silvery and shining
red with blood.


07 January 2011

A Miscalculated Risk

Walking among the dead in the rain
With you was the first time I had walked
Those paths in years.  I had forgotten how
Serenely the dead sleep
Below the sodden soil.

Walking with space between us
Felt easy and natural--there was nothing
Drawing us together but the air
Of familiar unfamiliarity: our generation
drawn together by lines on screens.

I watched you that night in the mist,
Your glasses splattered with rain--the same rain
running down my neck.  I had peeled
My layers off and dripping stood
Under the falling sky in an undershirt.

You watched the clouds roiling
And retching their innards.  You looked
Everywhere but the twelve short inches
Down to meet my eyes.  But you smiled
Brilliantly, blue eyes shining black.

You were a Known-Unknown, and I was compelled
By your energy, like iron to a lodestone
Leading to my leaning forward, chin up
Lips parted, head tilted.  And I took
A miscalculated risk.

The sums didn't match.